Fleeding moments of lost inspiration

I've been noticing having moments in class when I'm wondering "Why I'm doing this?" Why am I here? Trying to flex and stretch my body into positions that, frankly, aren't that healthy. I mean honestly! I'm feeling tired, exhausted really and can't keep my thoughts together at all. This happened last fall too.

My weekly schedule is now:

Monday: 40 min core for dancers & 75min ballet
Friday: 90 min ballet
Saturday: 75 min ballet (with short pointe work at the end of the class)

In the fall I also had the 60 min pointe work after the Fridays class. I dropped that of my schedule, 'cos the plantar fasciitis issues.

How that going by the way? Still active. Had second Orthopedist appointment and the second cortisone injection. Got recommendation for some new gear and have seen the physiotherapist of the occupation health care for few time now. Will post about those more later, but in short: no real progress yet.

But back to the lost inspiration. I realized at some point that it only occurred on Mondays. So no real panic there.
It's just Monday

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