Confessions on the Dancefloor

I have to confess something. Promise to keep it to yourself? Good.
I have never seen live ballet. U know on a stage. In a theater. In situ. With a live Orchestra and the hole shebang. I have seen some peaces of ballets on tv. Never have I watched a whole show from beginning to the final curtain.

And since I've started this whole confessing thingy,  I might as well continue.

I never have understood the male ballet dancers. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with guys doing ballet. Absolutely not. But the dancebelt!?! I don't need to see that! No one needs to see that!

I just can't unsee it. I can't appreciate the great jumps and the numeral pirouettes, when there's that. It's a health issue I'm told. I don't need to know that! No one needs to know that!

I cant unthink it though...

So I'll leave you with this...

From the movie Top Secret.
Of course.


The End Is Near!

Spring is here! :D

The official season is over. Been for two weeks now. Only the summer classes hold on. In May I'll have 3 lessons a week. And in June 2 per week for the first 2 weeks. After that I'm on my own for the summer. How about you? :)

Spring time always reminds me of this particular strip of Calvin and Hobbes. Pure genius!