Walk like ballet dancer

So I've seeing this  physiotherapist who's specialized in the lower limb (and back) problems. First time I was there, he made me walk across the room several times and just watched. Felt funny. Didn't really know where to focus my eyes. It's relatively hard to walk as you normally would walk when someone is watching you walk.

He made me do a bunch of other stuff too, I'll get to that later, but after the walking he said that I do walk like a ballet dancer. My first thought was: Oooh, so I glide across the room gracefully just like a fairy on a clearing?

Second thought: maybe that wasn't a compliment...



Pain, ache and some woe

So I´ve suffered from plantar fasciitis since mid summer 2013. At least so it was diagnosed by 2 doctors and a physical therapist back then. The thing got started last year in the spring, when I started running as a hobby. To get fit, U know.

Turned out to bee such a mistake! My right heel and sole got sore, and plantar fasciitis seemed to fit the symptoms. Did I let it stop me from going to ballet classes though? Obviously not. I cut down the amount of walking and standing into minimum. Not easy with a job that is mostly done standing. And having a dog for that matter. But not ballet classes, though I mostly skipped all the little jump series and such that I noticed were not good for the leg.

So the lesson here is that exercising is not good for your health. So stop it. At least if you are me. And its not ballet. Raah, raah :D Just kidding.

But on the more serious note, for the past year I've tried stretching, several different types of exercises for the foot and legs, foam roller, ice treatment, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aka Burana) and the Strassburg Sock. And a lot of kinesio taping. And they have helped to keep the pain tolerable. Except, that since it been over an year, my head was starting to flip. I was cutting down my life, not going anywhere, because it would end up in with the leg hurting more. Actually ballet was the only thing I would not give up.

The pink tape is my favorite :D
Notice also the woolen sock... And yes this photo was taken in the summer

Few weeks ago I got a referral from a doctor to an other physiotherapist. One who is specialized in the problems of the lower limbs. Thats legs. Duh! Makes sense 'cos I had a leg problem. And things started to unravel... As some might have already guessed my problem wasn't in the plantar fascia. So don't be like me, and wait a year to see if things start to get better. Even if it is generally said that it often takes over an year for plantar fasciitis to heal. Go see an expert. It could something else.

To be continued...


Starting point(e)

So I decided to start a new blog, after spending most of spring and summer not blogging. Splendid idea! And I decided to write it in English. Even better, I'd say!

But I have my reasons. I have wanted to write about ballet from an adult beginner point of view. Have wanted to do so for a while already. And thought that the average knitting/ handicraft blog reader probably wouldn't be so interested in leotards and battements and whathaveU's.

I have taken adult ballet lessons now for some years in a local community college. I took some lessons as a preteen, we just started to take up pointe work, when I quit. Returned to barre in my mid twenties and took one class per week for a bout 4 to 5 years. Then I discovered the ballet blogs in the interned and really got the spark for the stuff. I think I was reading Johannas blog, when I realized I too could take more than one class per week! I really should thank her for that, who knows how long it would have taken me otherwise to get this grand idea. (Yes, it's perfectly ok to roll your eyes at this point, I am!) They don't say that people from Häme are slow for nothing! Ha-ha!

And so about a two years ago I took a second ballet class in my weekly schedule. In a half year I made so much progress that it was almost intoxicating. So naturally it followed that a 3rd class was added to my weekly routine. This fall I also registered for a shorter pointe work course. I have done some pointe work on a unregular base in my current classes, but this one will be the first time I'll be really focusing on it. Can't wait for it to start! I'm both exited and horrified! Super fun combination, right?
Yeah, I wish!!
Picture from here 
So here it beginneth. To the pointe!