How Come I Wasn't Told?

On Fridays class my spot at the barre is in a corner in front of mirror. We start the class with left hand on the barre so I'm facing the mirror.  By the time we get to the grande battements I'm doing fine on the right side. No problems, enough space to swing battements away to my hearts content. But on the left side, it's always the same problem.  I'm this close to kicking the classmate in front of me and almost every time I do kick the mirror (now behind) me at least once.

So yesterday it hit me. My left leg must be at least 20 cm longer than my right! Why else would I have these problems only on the left side?

How come no one never told me this?

How come the FTs, the Orthopedist and other doctors never noticed this?

I mean, no wonder I'm having issues with my right foot, 'cos it's that much shorter!

If only it were that simple though... Right?

Bet her legs are the same length!
(Pic reference)

Well, I had a MRI scan of the right foot on yesterday (prior to the epiphany). Maybe I'll get some real answers finally.

With my luck, the found nothing, though.

I really do love the minions! I just wish they wouldn't make me crave cheese puffs so much...


  1. Oh wow,,,what an epiphany. I hope that your MRI results are insightful and will give you answers for why you're in pain. I'll say a prayer for continued health for you tonight.

  2. Thank you :)

    But I think the MRI was a bust... Sigh. Will know more at the end of the week. Or not. If there truly was no signifigant findings.

  3. Darn......not cool. You know though, its not uncommon for folks to have a shorter leg. It would be fantastic if you could find a doctor who specializes in this type of condition, especially if you have your suspicions. In dance, my left side was always severely less flexible and technically behind in comparison to my right side. It was the most bizarre thing! You have to be your own advocate when it comes to your health, keep knocking on doors until you get an answer! :D

  4. Oh man, I only wish it were really that, the shorter legI mean. My results were sent forward for a consult today, tough. So there'll be more waiting to look forward. Thats always nice, right? ;)

    Thanks for the support. I appreciate it.:)


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