Was this supposed to help?

Had my ultra (the foot just so no one get the wrong idea). Nothing was found.

Had the orthopedist consult. He thought nothingh wrong with the big toe tendon, just the plantar fasciitis issue.

Got a cortizone injection to my heel. Wasn't excited about that then either. Now its been week and all I'm thinking is: Was this suppose to help me? Optimism gone.

Okay, I have to admit the pain is not in the same anymore. Location and general feel have changed. So far the pain level has been more painfull than before the injection. Great. Most of the time it feels like walking on a bruise under my heel.

First three days were really bad. Made me miss the first ballet class of the term. Now for few days the outer rim of the heel has hurt when I walk in addition of the bruise under my heel.

"No need to limit your activity" he said. Yeah right. I have a follow up appointment in a week. Have things say.

But today I'm going to class. The gear for today:

Turquoise leo from Plume
White skirt by me
Off white legwarmers from... dunno
Black tights from Revolution
Bloch Elastosplit slippers in Sanshas bag, hah
Yes, I wear black tights with pink slippers and off white legwarmers. So sue me. Don't really care right now (read: never).

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