The Was a dude in my Saturdays class!

That's a first I ever seen in the flesh in the classes I've attended. He was there more in the fall, and bit less consistently in the spring though.

Man, could he jump.

Well, that's not him. But almost could be... ;D
Pic from here (Beyond black and white)

Which reminded me of this. Everyone has probably seen it already, but sharing it anyway.

"Take me to church" by Hozier and Sergei Polynin


To Be or Not to Be

I've been pondering the future of this blog a lot the past six months. To continue or not, that is the guestion. The is some traffic to this site on a weekly basis, but still. Some how I feel like I'm alone talking to myself here in the vast emptiness if the internet.

Ha Ha. Dramatic much?

Thought about combining the ballet related stuff with my knitting and hand craft blog which is in Finnish.

Didn't feel right. The to topics feel worlds a part. Even tough some over lapping issues always occur on ballet related projects. Some aggressive crosslinking could resolve the issue...  Maybe.

Still I was wobbling on to just fade out this blog. The whole thing felt useless to do. Then I reminded myself why I started to do this in the first place. To record my journey in the world of ballet. So could come back even after years to recall what it was like back the and then. The classes. The gear. The projects. The ups and downs.
Trying out brand new pointes

So for now this stays as it is. I will try to push a post out every now and then. I do have some ideas on the self just waiting to be written. Stuff from the past now, really. But who cares if the are published six months late even? I don't.

My journey. My rules.

I'll wear a tutu if I want to

Can't deny that some followers would be nice...