Pain, ache and some woe, part 2

So what's up with my right leg? I have been seeing my physiotherapist this fall, total of five times I think. I had, sadly, the last appointment week before last. The right sole is much better now, but still walking and standing irritates it. So I'm not all in the clear yet.

The FT concluded that the main issue was not plantar fasciitis, but that I had had a tenosynovitis in the tendon that flexes the big toe in the spring when this all started, a year and a half ago. And that had left the tendon immobilized and that in turn cramped up the hole sole including the plantar fascia.

In my appointments with the FT, he worked the problematic tendon, getting it loose again. He also worked on Achilles tendon and the IT band related muscles, because they were cramped up too.

IT band and related muscles (pic reference)
I've had had problems in the past with the outer head (greater trochanter) of the femur being sort of  rubbed by something, a tendon or what'sit. The friction occurs when I walk, and can be felt if hand is placed on the outer head of the bone. The area can get sore, if I continue walking in spite the rubbing. This happens only in the right leg, never has it been on the left. So I have concluded that my right leg in whole, is second rate product. I have made a complaint to the factory about it, but my mom has not been compliant so far. I don't remember having these issues back then in the spring 2013. But I have had those issues this fall again.
The femur (pic reference)

my spikey
Though plantar fasciitis was not the main cause of my pain, I found some of the remedies for it useful in my case also. This video shows a very effective stretching and massaging for the plantar fascia. I have also used icing on the sole after exercise or stretching. I have been rolling a tennis ball under my foot a lot. Also I have used spikey massage ball and a soda bottle frozen with water for rolling.

And then there is the Strassburg sock.  I usually put the sock on when I go to bed and take it of at some point in the night. So I don't have on the whole night, maybe 2-4 hours, depending how well I sleep. Before my first appointment whit the FT, I had it on the whole night, and boy was I happy, when he said I could stop using it ('cause it did not help so much). I took the sock back in my routines after my very last appointment whit the FT, and it seems to help keep the sole in check. Or has no effect what so ever, who knows... But I am reluctant to find out what it would be like not using it.

Strassburg sock. (pic reference)
This post had very little to do with ballet, I have trouble staying on point U see. Will do a post about the stretching and rolling the outer thigh area later, for I have been doing a lot of work with that too this fall. And the fascia surrounding muscles in general. That too will have little to do with ballet too, I think.

This post is solely based on my experience, what I have found useful in my case. I'm not advising anyone to do as I do, for I'm not an expert on the matter. Though most of these things can be found also in several plantar fasciitis sites on the net. 

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