First Pirouette en Pointe for Eva!

I did it! My first pirouette on pointe! It was terrifying! I wasn't sure I would make alive, but I did! Haa haa!

We started from the fifth and did pique pirouettes. U could just to step on pointe and bring the other leg to passee, if the piroutte was too intimidating. Which it was for start. But the I just thought to try it. And I did and it wasn't so hard that I had imagined to be. I'm sure it was far from elegant and graceful, but it was a legit turn on pointe with the other leg on passee. And I didn't even break my ankles. At all.

Afterward I was all like
From giphy.com
...without the firewood of course. Why would I have those in ballet class, duh!

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