Crash! Boom! Bang!

I've done it again. I managed to further injure my already hurting right leg. Nice.

Luckily this seems to bee passing by quite well.

So the thing that happened was that I banged my right tibia right next to the knee on the dishwashers door/lid. Hard. And it Hurt. Big time. It hurt through the night and the next morning. Second day was a bit easier, but I had to walk with my right leg completely straight. If I put any weight on it with the knee bent, I got a shot of pain and the sensation of losing control of my leg. It felt like it was caving in on me. Not nice.

Due to this I had to skip one of the few remaining ballet classes before summer break. Broke my heart a bit, really. I did get to attend the last two classes, thankfully. But now there are no more classes before the fall season begins. Sumemr is on.

I'm missing ballet already, even though its been less that a week since the last class. How are you all holding up the summer break?

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