Confessions on the Dancefloor

I have to confess something. Promise to keep it to yourself? Good.
I have never seen live ballet. U know on a stage. In a theater. In situ. With a live Orchestra and the hole shebang. I have seen some peaces of ballets on tv. Never have I watched a whole show from beginning to the final curtain.

And since I've started this whole confessing thingy,  I might as well continue.

I never have understood the male ballet dancers. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with guys doing ballet. Absolutely not. But the dancebelt!?! I don't need to see that! No one needs to see that!

I just can't unsee it. I can't appreciate the great jumps and the numeral pirouettes, when there's that. It's a health issue I'm told. I don't need to know that! No one needs to know that!

I cant unthink it though...

So I'll leave you with this...

From the movie Top Secret.
Of course.


  1. Ah, dance belts. A topic which strikes fear in the heart...

    Seriously though, think of it as a lightly-padded bra. Women often wear these to avoid having their nipples show through their blouses (though I've never understood why), to keep things in place, and generally present a nice appearance. Same idea with men and a dance belt. If I can deal with women wearing bras, I'm sure you can deal with men wearing dance belts. :-)

    Regarding the movie clip... there's a scene in "Modern Problems" you might enjoy. But you won't be able to unsee it either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V4Izjs1SOY

  2. Haa, thanks for sharing a male perspective on the matter Reese. Truly a new perspective for me, an analogy I never even thought of. So I should think of it more as an shield against things I really do not want to see, than something emphasizing the parts I do not want to see? I might be able to work with that. Might.

    But still I do prefer the ballet scenes in which male dancers actually have actual pants on, in stead of just tights. Just call me coy ;D

    And as for the clip, I'm dreading to watch it. Seriously. And a bit morbidly interested too...


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